2nd Global Conference of Unesco Geoparks of Greece and Cyprus

On Friday 17th of May coordinator of the program in Cyprus Mr Nikolas Nikolaou and a group of Students of the Cyprus Team of the program (Maria Kozakou, Rafaelia Koumoudiou, Adelina Papapetrou, Christou Maria and Alexadros Kallinakis) represent in the 2nd Global Conference of Unesco Geoparks of Greece and Cyprus (http://www.geoparksconference.gov.cy/…/…/conf.nsf/home/home…) the results of our program for the first year of working with it. Also the students represent the results of their research work with 2 smart and funny theatre style presentation. The whole presentation which has been done in front of more than 100 people which were representatives of the following organisations:
• Geological Survey Deprtments of the republic of Cyprus
• Forest Department of Republic of Cyprus,
• Ministry of Agriculturalm, Rural development and Environment of Cyprus,
• Environmental Department of Cyprus,
• Cyprus National Commission of UNESCO,
• Global Geopark Network, http://www.globalgeopark.org/
• European Geoparks Network, http://www.europeangeoparks.org/
• Troodos Geopark (Cyprus, http://www.troodos-geo.org/cgibin/hweb…)
• Lesvos Geopark (Mytilini island, Greece, http://www.lesvosgeopark.gr/en/)
• Geography and Geology department, University of Aegean, Greece, https://geography.aegean.gr/index_en.php
• Sitia Nature Park and Geopark (Sitia, Greece, http://www.sitia-geopark.gr/en.aspx)
• Psiloritis Unesco Global Geopark, (Crete, Greece, http://www.unesco.org/…/list-of-unesco-g…/greece/psiloritis/
• Vikos – Aoos Geopark – Greece, http://www.europeangeoparks.org/?page_id=652
• Chelmos – Vouraikos Geopark, Greece, http://www.fdchelmos.gr/en/
• Environments Education Department (Environmental Centers for Education of Cyprus)
And a lot of other people. All the people in the conference gave us congratulations about the perfect presentation and especially about all educational activities that we have done for the program, we had also invitations to represent our results in other conferences in Greece about Geoparks. Due to our presentation our presentations and the posters of our from Geoparks program will be uploaded in the the webpage of the conference and also in the webpage of National Committee of UNESCO in CYPRUS.