Meeting in Varna (Bulgaria)

The mobility in Varna is the 3rd Short-term exchange of students as part of the Erasmus + KA 2 project “Geoparks of Europe”. As the partners established already good working relationships, the program was designed and developed in a manner as to address the main topic of the visit, which was “Flaura and Fauna of the Geopark”. Additionally, the main approach was to assure the implementation of a non-formal educational approach, which serves to adhere to the Erasmus + guidelines and the project objectives while making learning and exploring fun and accessible.The activities in Varna use a non-formal educational approach by combining various methods such a group work in “Art recycled workshop”, seminars (“Entrepreneurship in the ecological sector”), workshops “Ship the Ship”, presentations on “Flaura and Fauna”, hand-on practical learning in the craft individual lessons on ceramic making. By motivating the students to be initiative, the methodology aimed at provoking them to come up with their own ideas and interpretations on the ecological importance of geology, flaura and fauna. It is the reason why each had to create and send a video clip.
Ceramic piece created by each of the participants
10min video “My view of Varna and ecology”
20 pieces of art form created by recycled materials
1 open air exhibition
1 Seminar “(“Entrepreneurship in the ecological sector”)
3 Workshops “Art recycled workshop”, “Experience the past” and “Ship the Ship”
Presentations on “Flaura and Fauna”
Museum visits and Geological phenomenons.