Online training for teachers in 30-31.01 and 01.02.2021

Erasmus project teachers GEOPARKI EUROPY took part in the videoconference on January 30-31, and ob February 01 2021. 21 teachers from partner countries participated.
On the first day, the project coordinator, Deputy Director Magdalena Szewczyk, conducted a competition for teachers and classes presenting the use of new technologies in online lessons. She presented new application: metimeter, kahoot, canva, socrative, program for online education: webex, application for biology and chemistry teachers. Teacher Ms Joanna Wróbel, a French teacher, also shared her experience of working with students. Teachers led discussion about plans for future. The Cypriot coordinator, Mr. Nikolas Nikolau, presented various projects in his school. Finally, Mr. Olivier Broutin talked about working in the genially program.
On the second day there was a lecture by Mr. Bienvenido Martínez Navarro, a palaeontologist, about the Quaternary Valleys geopark.On the third evaluation of the whole project was organized. The coordinator prepared survey which was distributed to all teachers. All participants share their ideas about positive and some minuses of the project. They were talking about promotion of the project in the future.sentation which were shown during the meeting.