Workshop with geologist in Guadeloupe

As part of our Erasmus project, we hosted Dr Luc Legendre, retired geologist. Firstly, he introduced us to the geological context of the Lesser Antilles. Indeed, these islands are located on the Caribbean plate. This plate is bordered to the East by the subduction of the plate America that plunges under the arc of the Lesser Antilles. Then, he evoked the main geological features of the Guadeloupean archipelago, with the presence of 2 arches : – an ancient arch consisting of calcareous islands : Grande Terre, Marie Galante and Petite Terre. – a recent arch comprising the volcanic islands of Basse- terre and Les Saintes. He finished his presentation by the exceptional island : La Désirade (an island included in the archipelago of Guadeloupe) which started the process to become a geopark.